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Kaffee Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate PB in 1 kg Tüte, ganze Bohne

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Origin and Plantation
The Wahgi Valley on the Island New Guinea offers the perfect climatic conditions for coffee. Best Arabica coffees such as Arusha and Typica are cultivated here on the plantation of Sigri. The quality control already starts on the field. The coffee cherries are picked and washed by hand and dried in the sun. The beans are also sorted by hand and roasted by experts. This coffee will convince you with its intensive aroma.

Character and Taste
The Sigri Estate offers smooth hints of chocolate and walnut. It will win you over with a velvety body and a well-balanced acidity.

Founded in 1950, this farm is located in the Waghi Valley which offers the perfect climate for coffee cultivation. Only the finest Arabica varieties such as Arusha and Typica are cultivated on the Sigri plantation. These plants produce a finer bean than other Arabicas in Papua New Guinea. The beans already undergo a quality audit when being picked by hand as they are carefully chosen according to homogenity. The selected cherries are already cut on the day of the harvest, fermented and then washed in a process taking three days. Followed by drying in the sun, a careful hulling and sorting by hand.

Successful cultivation of coffee only started in the 1930s in Papua New Guinea when beans were smuggled to the country from Jamaica. Nowadays, however, the coffee sector is one of the most important of the country. Mainly Arabica is cultivated on plantations run by smallholders and family-run businesses. The coffee is picked by hand and dried in the sun. Its taste is comparable to that of the Jamaica Blue Mountain. Unusual notes of smoke, leaves and moss are in harmony with a natural sweetness.



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